[Gtkradiant] Radiant 1.6 about to start kicking a$$

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 23:20:19 CST 2011

Hi guys, I just finished some major work on Radiant 1.6.

- Updated all 3rd party libs such as Gtk+, GtkGlExt, libxml, libjpeg,
- Redid the Windows build procedure from scratch.
- Fixed some issues in the Linux SCons build.
- Made the plugins list consistent on Linux and Windows.  I took the union
of what was used on the two systems.
- Windows build now uses new method of OpenGL font.

If you try the build on Windows, you'll probably notice a lot of annoying
issues are resolved.  There may be new issues too.  I have not tested
extensively beyond creating a simple map and compiling it.  Radiant is not
completely bug-free, but the changes I made today are a big step in the
right direction, in my opinion.

Windows build for you to try if you wish:

I might take some time off, need to recover from this effort.

- Rambetter
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