[Gtkradiant] Favoring github (was: Re: Compiling ZeroRadiant on Windows 7)

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 19:15:06 CST 2010

> On 17.11.2010 00:00, Timothee BESSET wrote:
> > the trac wiki for that kind of stuff. Although migrating all that
> > stuff to a launchpad/github whatever could be a valid goal if activity
> I'd favor github definitely. Remember all the patches I sent earlier
> this year? It was a mess and in the end it didn't work out as it was too
> involving. Since I've my stuff still up there at github, if an official
> repos would be created, I'd be willing to re-fork and create proper
> topic branches so merging back selected stuff at will would be a snap.
> We could use github wiki and issue stuff. Quite some has been added to
> my forks issue page already, so there would be already some starting
> point to work on :p
OK I don't yet know too much about open source communication tools and Wikis
and whatnot so I'll handle the programming/testing/committing parts [and
maybe deciding what to commit to a cerain extent] and someone else can
handle getting stuff set up on Git-whatever.  Then I will learn how to use
Git-whatever later.   :-P

Markus a couple of question for you:
1. Are you using ZeroRadiant for your mapping projects now, or another
branch?  I'd kind of like to know how involved you would be in attending to
fixing issues.  I am actually going back through the Radiant email archive
and there seem to be many issues that you fixed that are not committed to
ZeroRadiant [yet].  I'm not saying they should be imported right away, but
it may be wise to re-examine some of your earlier work.  A lot of your
patches were made for Windows-specific things and I don't think many of us
can approve/disapprove your work because we're not set up on Windows?  I
dunno, just a guess.  Anyhow I'm pretty sure that the goals of ZeroRadiant
are to preserve the workflow and features of Radiant "classic" 1.4 and only
fix bugs that are bigger than "minor".  I can say this, and I'm sure that
whoever is in charge will agree with me, that we don't want ZeroRadiant to
become another 1.5.  There is a reason why we're using ZeroRadiant.  It's
proven technology and we're conservative in making changes.  Even where the
code could use some major refactoring.
2. You set up a build environment on Windows, correct?  This is one of my
projects for the coming few days but I am no Windows expert.  Will you be on
IRC? :-)
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