[Gtkradiant] Favoring github (was: Re: Compiling ZeroRadiant on Windows 7)

Markus Fischer markus at fischer.name
Tue Nov 16 17:47:15 CST 2010


On 17.11.2010 00:00, Timothee BESSET wrote:
> the trac wiki for that kind of stuff. Although migrating all that
> stuff to a launchpad/github whatever could be a valid goal if activity

I'd favor github definitely. Remember all the patches I sent earlier
this year? It was a mess and in the end it didn't work out as it was too
involving. Since I've my stuff still up there at github, if an official
repos would be created, I'd be willing to re-fork and create proper
topic branches so merging back selected stuff at will would be a snap.

We could use github wiki and issue stuff. Quite some has been added to
my forks issue page already, so there would be already some starting
point to work on :p

- Markus

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