[Gtkradiant] r336 - GtkRadiant/trunk/radiant

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Tue Nov 16 01:07:28 CST 2010

Author: rambetter
Date: Tue Nov 16 01:07:28 2010
New Revision: 336

Doing away with the 32 bit per pixel memory buffer.  Now passing the returned
pango memory buffer directly to OpenGL.  This simplifies the code.  Performance
did not seem to be better, but it certainly looks faster in theory.

Modified: GtkRadiant/trunk/radiant/glwidget.cpp
Url: http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/viewcvs/radiant/GtkRadiant/trunk/radiant/glwidget.cpp?view=diff&rev=336&p1=GtkRadiant/trunk/radiant/glwidget.cpp&r1=335&p2=GtkRadiant/trunk/radiant/glwidget.cpp&r2=336

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