[Gtkradiant] Setting up a project for 1.6

Markus Fischer markus at fischer.name
Wed Mar 10 22:01:37 CST 2010

Hi all,

On 10.03.2010 20:45, Timothee Besset wrote:
> There was a github fork of 1.6 that was active for a while. I know we
> propagated a few checkins in SVN from that work. Not sure if it's still
> seeing activity.

I guess Timothee is referring to my branch, you can find it at
http://github.com/mfn/GtkRadiant . The NEWS file documents all the
fixes/changes I did: http://github.com/mfn/GtkRadiant/blob/mfn/NEWS . On
github you can also find a fork of my branch with further changes.

On 10.03.2010 17:50, Willi wrote:
> Saving doesn't work in Windows 7 x64 - I'll try to look into that, any 
> idea where I could start? Is some kind of overview of the code 
> available? Looks like the same problem J. Michaelson experienced in 
> Ubuntu...

There has also been feedback from users which I tried to channel in the
issue tracker at http://github.com/mfn/GtkRadiant/issues ; your Windows
save problem is likely there too, I think. Disruptive RL events forced
me to abandon my work and it's unlikely I can continue in the
foreseeable future.

Willi, I'd also highly recommend checking out NetRadiant (
http://dev.alientrap.org/projects/netradiant/wiki/NetRadiant ), it's
based off the 1.5 branch but has had more and longer activity. However
I've no information about JA and if it's possible to integrate it.

- Markus

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