[Gtkradiant] Setting up a project for 1.6

Timothee Besset ttimo at idsoftware.com
Wed Mar 10 13:45:25 CST 2010

Willi wrote:
> There are so many different branches and the trunk in the Subversion 
> repository that I'm a little lost...
> But one of the things I found out is that there's a 
> radiant.gamepacks/JAPack/trunk/install/base/scripts/default_project.proj 
> with version 2. That's probably what I asked for before. So I believe 
> the trunk in there is 1.6 and tags/1.4.0 is 1.4. Right?

That's correct, 1.6 is in trunk. 1.4 had Jedi Academy support, but it
hasn't been re-instated in this latest version. It should be fairly
straightforward though.

> The radiant itself is a little more confusing to me... Judging from 
> include/version.h both the trunk and branches/ZeroRadiant seem to be 1.6 
> - which one is more up-to-date?

branches/ZeroRadiant may just be the old 1.6 branch before we landed
that into the trunk (since ZeroRadiant==1.6, and 1.6 was built out of
1.4, skipping 1.5 altogether)

There was a github fork of 1.6 that was active for a while. I know we
propagated a few checkins in SVN from that work. Not sure if it's still
seeing activity.


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