[Gtkradiant] Setting up a project for 1.6

Willi willi at schinmeyer.de
Wed Mar 10 10:50:23 CST 2010


I'm currently trying to set 1.6 up to map for Jedi Academy, preferably 
in parallel to 1.4.
What's the layout of the default_project.proj? Because on startup the 
radiant complains about the file being version 1 and now it's version 
2... What are the differences? Any example files available?

Saving doesn't work in Windows 7 x64 - I'll try to look into that, any 
idea where I could start? Is some kind of overview of the code 
available? Looks like the same problem J. Michaelson experienced in 

And: Are there still regular changes to the repository? Otherwise I 
might start my own branch for personal stuff...

Willi "Mr. Wonko" Schinmeyer

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