[Gtkradiant] GTKRadient 1.5

s.onanski at live.com s.onanski at live.com
Fri Jan 29 21:26:41 CST 2010

Hey, guys.

I'm trying to figure this software out but the manual is somewhat lacking in the "How to" department.

Firstly, I'm not sure why I can't modify edges, faces or vertices. I'm make a small square, then clicking on the respective button to edit but when I click on the "control square" nothing happens. I can't drag it, or select it - nothing.

As well, I'm trying to find out how to rotate the objects in 3d space, and not the 3d space itself. Is that possible?

Additionally, are there any in-depth, learn-by-example tutorials for this software? All the documentation I've read from the site doesn't really show you how to create from.

If someone would be willing to provide me with up-to-date, based on the latest release, tutorials that would be great. Thanks.
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