[Gtkradiant] Crash fix patches for trunk

Markus Fischer markus at fischer.name
Wed Dec 30 22:44:58 CST 2009


I thought I'm going to communicate some patches, I assume it's not like
everyone is jumping onto github not and watching the commits. I'm
sparing the feature additions I'm doing for now, as I don't know what
the goals of trunk at id are anyway.

Compilation error on Windows with VC++2008 Express. Not sure if it's
really necessary or if it's just my setup; Linux wasn't affected.

Fix crash when no game configuration or installation packs were found

Fix race condition crash: cannot open prefs when no game is selected.
That change is rather big for what it does, may not be appropriate and
well, isn't that necessary anyway.

Fix crash in model plugin when shut down.	

[Linux] Fix crash and data loss when saving shader, report by Rambetter.

[Linux] Fix attempt: models with upper case letters in the path are not
shown, reported by Rambetter.

All things I worked on so far are listed in
http://github.com/mfn/GtkRadiant/blob/mfn/NEWS .

- Markus

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