[Gtkradiant] Quake2 Engine Support Questions

Martin Gerhardy martin.gerhardy at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 01:38:53 CST 2008


i'm currently doing some improvements for q2 support in zeroradiant.
i've changed the surface inspector to use the method from 1.5 to define
the surface and content flag names - this should help other games to get
support for their special flags, too. The thing is, i've added this
stuff to CGameDescription - Str mSurfaceFlags[MAX_FLAG_NAMES]; (size of
the array is 32 due to 32 bit surface/content flags)

The problem is now that i can't find a way to access this data from
within a plugin. Can anyone help me with this? Is it possible to access
a special key or variable from CGameDescription? I've seen a


but this reads the keys from the project xml file (and i want to keep it
like it was in 1.5). What i need is something like:





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