[Gtkradiant] startup segfault on x86-64 Ubuntu 8.04

divVerent at alientrap.org divVerent at alientrap.org
Wed Jul 23 00:21:10 CDT 2008

On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 09:36:50PM +0200, Maik Merten wrote:
> Aha, I only had the Nexuiz pack from SVN installed. After checking out
> the Q3 pack I see a configuration dialog asking for e.g. the engine
> path. This will work wonderfully and present me with a "working" radiant
> without button icons, spamming the console with
> calling gdk_pixmap_create_from_xpm_d
> gdkpixmap was null
> But anyway, seems that the Nexuiz pack isn't fit yet for 1.6.

Well, I have a kinda working Nexuiz pack for svn, and a pack that works
for Nexuiz 2.4.2 is made by someone in the #AT channel, but it never got
committed into GtkRadiant.

How can we get this pack into GtkRadiant SVN, by the way?

Rudolf Polzer

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