[Gtkradiant] Second (extended) patch for more plugins

Timothee Besset ttimo at idsoftware.com
Wed Feb 6 10:23:44 CST 2008

Thank you!

I'm going to try hard to look through those patches and apply them. We
are very busy so I make no guarantees. If I'm taking too long to review
those, I will look at giving you write access. I know we have some
patches to q3maps2 somewhere as well.


Martin Gerhardy wrote:
> Hi,
> I've extended my first patch that I submitted yesterday to work with
> even more plugins. I'm still unsure about the synapse.config file. I've
> just added some new vfs (those that comes via a plugin) and some image
> formats like wal.
> 'contrib/patches/' and 'contrib/archivewad/' are empty dirs or me -
> either there are files missing or these dirs should maybe be removed..?
> The only plugins that doesn't compile cleanly are now PrtView and camera
> (which needs the splines lib). The rest should be fixed a should compile
> (though with a lot of warnings).
> Another problem is in the config.py - the spritemodel plugin needs the
> mathlib - but as soon as i activate the 
>     shlib_objects += shlib_objects_extra['mathlib']
> for the plugin i get 'defined twice' errors - but not for the
> spritemodel plugin, but for following plugins like TexTool. (I'm
> clueless here - either they should be deactivated or someone who knows
> scons and the rest of the build scripts better than me should have a
> look). 
> The problems with the gamepaks i have will be in another mail...
> Martin
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