[Gtkradiant] Second (extended) patch for more plugins

Martin Gerhardy martin.gerhardy at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 01:40:27 CST 2008


I've extended my first patch that I submitted yesterday to work with
even more plugins. I'm still unsure about the synapse.config file. I've
just added some new vfs (those that comes via a plugin) and some image
formats like wal.

'contrib/patches/' and 'contrib/archivewad/' are empty dirs or me -
either there are files missing or these dirs should maybe be removed..?

The only plugins that doesn't compile cleanly are now PrtView and camera
(which needs the splines lib). The rest should be fixed a should compile
(though with a lot of warnings).

Another problem is in the config.py - the spritemodel plugin needs the
mathlib - but as soon as i activate the 

    shlib_objects += shlib_objects_extra['mathlib']

for the plugin i get 'defined twice' errors - but not for the
spritemodel plugin, but for following plugins like TexTool. (I'm
clueless here - either they should be deactivated or someone who knows
scons and the rest of the build scripts better than me should have a

The problems with the gamepaks i have will be in another mail...

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