[Gtkradiant] some development news

Timothee Besset ttimo at idsoftware.com
Thu Sep 13 14:03:01 CDT 2007

Some of you may already know we (at id Software) are working on Quake
III Arena technology again under the name "QuakeZero". We are using a
build of GtkRadiant for this, which I've been working on for a while
already, and is based on the 1.4 codebase.

Yesterday I've copied that codebase to the public source tree:

We had planned on releasing the 1.4 codebase under the GPL, and we will
do so in the context of our improved 1.4 editor eventually. namespace (I
think) had worked on the 1.4 codebase prepping it for GPL, and I took it
from here to upgrade the Windows build system to VC8, upgrade the Gtk+
libraries and start fixing various things.

Here's a short rundown on the current status:

- Only the essential modules for Q3 support have been updated so far. We
are using VC8 and Windows
- Haven't looked at support for other games, the first step there will
be to get more modules compiling
- The Linux/Mac build system needs to be redone. I will likely drop in a
new scons skeleton for that purpose
- Eventually we need to build installers again and make it an official

For windows work, the supporting Gtk+ and other libs are there:


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