[Gtkradiant] support for doom3

Timothee Besset ttimo at idsoftware.com
Wed Sep 12 10:18:23 CDT 2007

There's this:

Looks like no specific content is needed. I couldn't tell you for sure
it's been a while.


hyp3r focus wrote:
> hello, sorry to bother you, but i'm unable to get gtkradiant to do
> doom3 mapping.
> i'm using linux and i've built gtkradiant from the svn source. i've
> searched the website and the svn for a doom3 gamepack with no sucess,
> there is code in the svn relating to doom3, but not a game pack. i've
> google for advice on how to get gtkradiant working with gtkradiant and
> posted on various forums asking for advice, all without success.
> is there any chance you could add some doom3 gamepack files to the svn
> and maybe put a small tutorial up on the website? i have several linux
> using friends who are in the same situation and we would love to be
> able to do doom3 mapping with gtkradiant.
> thanks for your time.
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