[Gtkradiant] support for doom3

hyp3r focus hyp3rfocus at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 12 06:03:00 CDT 2007

hello, sorry to bother you, but i'm unable to get gtkradiant to do doom3

i'm using linux and i've built gtkradiant from the svn source. i've searched
the website and the svn for a doom3 gamepack with no sucess, there is code
in the svn relating to doom3, but not a game pack. i've google for advice on
how to get gtkradiant working with gtkradiant and posted on various forums
asking for advice, all without success.

is there any chance you could add some doom3 gamepack files to the svn and
maybe put a small tutorial up on the website? i have several linux using
friends who are in the same situation and we would love to be able to do
doom3 mapping with gtkradiant.

thanks for your time.
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