[Gtkradiant] MapLoad does not refresh scenegraph

"Eduard Aumüller" basiror at gmx.de
Sun Mar 18 17:40:02 CDT 2007

Hi, I have implemented may new mapformat and it works fine, except one little bug

Radiant loads the map successfully, however I can t see the objects, however after saving the unmodified loaded map into another file outputs an identical file and after the save file dialog is gone the objects a suddenly visible.

Do you have any idea what might be wrong, or did such a problem ever happen do you?

maybe I missed something in my implementation?

I took the mapq3 module, got rid of everything except the standard quake3 stuff, implemented a new patchnode and a new brushtype, the patch node has its own mapimporter/exporters
the brushnode's import/export code was places in the brushtokens.h into the appropriate classes

heres an excerpt from the console log: some debugging messages, everything is ok as you see.

iteration: 0
end of keyvaluesclassname
map load timer:  0.01 second(s) elapsed
--- LoadMapFile ---

thx for your help in advance

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