[Gtkradiant] Q4 MacRadiant 1.5 for OSX 10.4 PPC

Mik mike at 4thdimstudio.com
Sun Mar 18 14:54:45 CDT 2007

Il giorno 18/mar/07, alle ore 20:21, namespace ha scritto:

> Am Sonntag, 18. März 2007 17:47 schrieb Mik:
>> You mean that you don't know NOBODY that develope for GTKradiant +
>> Mac OSX = MacRadiant?
> Yes.

Damn! ...
> The error you get indicates that you don't have a proper gamepack  
> for q4
> installed.


According to the official wiki-page of MacRadiant, http:// 

New packs Installer

There's also an updated Packs installer (with Quake 4 support in  
preparation for a new release of 1.5 at http://www.redsaurus.net/ 

I think to have and used the right packs installer for Q4 MacRadiant...

> Thats quite simple to fix.

This seems be promising, but...
> Get the q4 gamepack from svn:
> https://zerowing.idsoftware.com/svn/radiant.gamepacks/Q4Pack/trunk/ 
> tools/

..but what the files to copy? the entire ./Q4pack/  folder and  
> and copy the files into your gtkr-installfolder.

Where to copy those files, since i have no gtkr-installfolder, but  
Macradiant is a self-extractable .dmg
files that makes a binary, executable file for OSX?
I know, no directories where to copy those svn..

> Thats it.

Thanks alot, but i don't think to have the problem solved.

Thanks of course.

> namespace
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