[Gtkradiant] Analyzing the mapq3 parser & some suggestions

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Thu Mar 15 13:41:14 CDT 2007

Am Donnerstag, 15. März 2007 17:51 schrieb Eduard Aumüller:
> I wasn t aiming the messageboard as a mapping community, but more towards a
> programmer platform with the focus on GTKRadiant + Plugindevelopment
What development? For how long do you read the ml now?
I think that you can't estimate gtkrs status in terms of 
developer-attractiveness or user-demand.
GtkR was always short on developers, even in its better times.
To be honest I don't see much future for gtkr as a major editor.
GtkR relies on brushwork and a "build -> compile" production cycle.
Modern editors focus on the managment of staticmeshes and are
capable of instant preview.
Sure, things can be implemented, but who should do it and how long will it 
Open source is late be definition, esp. in our case. Support for a new game
like et:qw can only be implemented after the game has been released.
And after that gtkr has to compete with the proprietary devtools that were 
available at releasetime. A lost battle right from the start.

> so why not simply paste the decals onto the regular brushes and let the
> editor handle them internally? Safes a lot of time. 
> some sort of console at the bottom of the editing views would be nice
> so you can enter tiny commands or execute selfmade macros writting in some  
> scripting language:
Nice ideas, I vote for python as scripting language.
I assume that you will be one to implement them, right?
I don't want to sound unfriendly here, but we get alot of good ideas for
cool features, but when it comes to the hard part (implementation)
these people usually exercise restraint.


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