[Gtkradiant] Analyzing the mapq3 parser & some suggestions

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Wed Mar 14 19:28:11 CDT 2007

Am Mittwoch, 14. März 2007 16:46 schrieb Eduard Aumüller:

> 1.)  Why don t you at least add a //! blah blah infront of each class  
> declaration so doxygen can generate the complete class hierarchy. 
Ask the former devs.
99% of radiants code is very old (dates back to 1.1 times) or
got rewritten by Spog for 1.5. My contribrutions are mostly fixes and smaller
improvements. The only bigger source-chunk from me is the brushexport
plugin which was never intended for public release in the first place but was 
published because of popular demand.

> 3.) Also what happened to the GTKRadiant wiki? Maybe setup on at wikipedia?
It was taken offline after it got spammed. According to TTimo its not 
completly lost and will be back online after a server switch.

> 2.) How about adding a picture code to the bugsubmission form, this spam is
> really annoying
I hate that spam too, however I don't have admistration privileges to fix 
that. I guess we have to wait for the serverswitch.

> 4.) A message board for developers would be very nice too^^
Developers? Right now there is just me and LordHavoc.
The mailing list is sufficent imho.


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