[Gtkradiant] Analyzing the mapq3 parser & some suggestions

"Eduard Aumüller" basiror at gmx.de
Wed Mar 14 16:44:29 CDT 2007

there are several wikihosts out there, we just need to link to our wiki at the radiant page
placing the //! infront of the class declarations doesn t require a detailed description of the class

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> On 14/03/07, "Eduard Aumüller" <basiror at gmx.de> wrote:
> > Another thing I wanted to ask you
> >
> > 1.)  Why don t you at least add a //! blah blah infront of each class
> declaration so doxygen can generate the complete class hierarchy.
> The main creator of 1.5 (SPoG) is not active anymore and who might do it
> now?
> > 2.) How about adding a picture code to the bugsubmission form, this spam
> is really annoying
> > 3.) Also what happened to the GTKRadiant wiki? Maybe setup on at
> wikipedia?
> > 4.) A message board for developers would be very nice too^^
> > Just some suggestions
> Great ideas but someone has to care about that ;)
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