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> Are there some informations or is the a wiki or something where I could
> find some information about the whole frame of the source code ?
Unfortunatly there isn't any documentation. This has always been the major
drawback or weak point of gtkradiant.
There is some documentation in the header files of the most important libs,
but thats not much. The darkmod people created a wiki which explains
some of the modules of gtkr, however, since darkradiant is a fork and
the devs from darkmod start to replace significant parts or gtkr
some infos in the wiki do not apply to gtkradiant anymore.
Most informative should be this
and this page
the other pages seem to be too darkradiant specific to be of use.

> -  add another input/output plugin for a customized fileformat
Is that really what you want?
I guess you just need output in a custom format. I use gtkr for
a project of mine and I wrote a little plugin that cruises through the
scenegraph and dumps everything in a custom format.
This final export is done when I want to export the map into my game.
During normal mapping I just use the Doom3 mapformat.
The reason I'm doing it this way is that a plugin is _much_ easier to write
for GtkR then a new mapformat.

My personal expierence is, that the fastest way to get familiar with gtkr,
is to debug it. Place a breakpoint in a sourcepart in which you are interested
and analyse the callstack which took you there.


Am Montag, 12. März 2007 22:55 schrieb Eduard Aumüller:
> Hi, I thought it would be a nice boost of my projects if I simply modifier
> the GTK radiant for my needs instead of developing my own editor (did this
> for some time), I worked with the q3 radiant source a few years ago
> Now back to topic, I am a bit lost with the source since I can't find any
> documentations
> There are quite a few libraries you use, like the scenelib ....
> I tried to figure out some basic mechanisms such as saving files, from my
> understanding you have a visitor which is used to traverse the scenegraph
> in order to find the appropriate node and dump them to a txt stream.
> The whole map output/input is placed into a plugin
> My basic aims are
> -  add another input/output plugin for a customized fileformat
> -  I realized the when creating simple patches the afore created brush is
> not remove as I am used to in q3radiant, that also one thing I want to
> change - make the focus of the cam windows drag&drop as its with the
> orthogonal views, no second right mouse click to get out of free cam more
> -  add a mechanism to place decals into the walls that are rendered as an
> additional texture layer
> Are there some informations or is the a wiki or something where I could
> find some information about the whole frame of the source code ?
> thx in advance
> cu

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