[Gtkradiant] Getting started with the GTK Radiant source code

"Eduard Aumüller" basiror at gmx.de
Mon Mar 12 16:55:50 CDT 2007

Hi, I thought it would be a nice boost of my projects if I simply modifier the GTK radiant for my needs instead of developing my own editor (did this for some time), I worked with the q3 radiant source a few years ago

Now back to topic, I am a bit lost with the source since I can't find any documentations

There are quite a few libraries you use, like the scenelib ....

I tried to figure out some basic mechanisms such as saving files, from my understanding you have a visitor which is used to traverse the scenegraph in order to find the appropriate node and dump them to a txt stream.

The whole map output/input is placed into a plugin

My basic aims are
-  add another input/output plugin for a customized fileformat
-  I realized the when creating simple patches the afore created brush is not remove as I am used to in q3radiant, that also one thing I want to change
- make the focus of the cam windows drag&drop as its with the orthogonal views, no second right mouse click to get out of free cam more

-  add a mechanism to place decals into the walls that are rendered as an additional texture layer

Are there some informations or is the a wiki or something where I could find some information about the whole frame of the source code ?

thx in advance

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