[Gtkradiant] Branch or Patch?

Jorge Peña jorgepblank at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 22:28:35 CDT 2007

Hey guys, I'm working on a 'game' that uses the Quake 3 Engine (The Instagib
Project, http://instagib.jorgepena.be). I've written a couple walk-throughs
such as the latest one here ( http://instagib.jorgepena.be/wiki/GtkRadiant )
to try to make using GtkRadiant with my 'game' easy and straightforward. I
don't have any special or particular improvement on the engine yet, and I'm
just using Open Arena ( http://openarena.ws ) media content, so the actual
modifications required for my game to be compatible with GtkRadiant aren't
many. I just created a tip.game file, which I came up with after looking at
various sources ( The q3.game file, open arena's instructions, tremulous'
instructions, etc. ). I also created a tip.game folder and just copied over
the entities.ent file and the rest of the other files. Then I can easily
create maps for my game. However, like I said, this is still not as
convenient as I'd like it to be.

I'm able to build GtkRadiant on the three main systems I want to support (
Windows, Linux and the like, and Mac OS X ), but for some reason, creating a
branch just to simply repackage it for my needs seems like overkill, and
since I want to keep things safe and make sure they work always, I'll want
to upload it to my subversion repository which would take up a lot of space.
I have no problem with this if it's the only way, but I was wondering the
following, should I simply do this, a branch? Or what must I do to somehow
get support for my game included in GtkRadiant? I know this might be a tall
order, and I'm not necessarily wanting it right away, I'll probably have to
let the game grow before such a decision could be taken on your part, so if
I do make a branch, I acknowledge that I would have to change the name of my
derivative of GtkRadiant. Since I'm not very good at coming up with names,
would Radient be a bad decision? (Note the 'e' in place of the 'a'). Also,
would I have to go through the whole source tree and remove every occurence
of 'GtkRadiant' and replace them with my new name? And would I have to do
the same with the images? If this is so, then I think it'd be even more over
kill than it already is, and I probably would simply keep it the way I have
it right now.

If supporting my particular, specific game isn't an option, would it be more
convincing to add direct support for Open Arena? The game has been picking
up lately, and many games use its media content, supporting it would make
everyone that depends on it happy. And on our part, that is, those who use
their content, we could simply change a setting to refer to our engine or
the like and we'd be good to do. I think by supporting Open Arena directly,
we'd cater to many more games than by necessarily supporting each one, but
it's just a question.

I'd appreciate your response, and thank you for your time.
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