[Gtkradiant] A few fixes

Timothee Besset ttimo at idsoftware.com
Wed Jun 27 11:45:39 CDT 2007

Sourceforge's quality of service is plain horrible. We'll keep the SVN
and mailing lists hosted here no matter what.

As far as bug tracker, I've let bugzilla fall behind, because it's old
and these days there are much better options. I'm not sure it's worth
trying to bring it back up, or better to move to something else. I also
don't want to let general users enter bugs into it, but only let an
allowed set of people do that. We've seen in the past that it gets
completely overflowed with irrelevant reports and becomes useless quickly.

That said, I have very little time for GtkRadiant, let alone doing
server administration for it. I may not be opposed to us using a bug
tracker somewhere else.


Dunk Fordyce wrote:
> It certainly seems a little pointless all the different projects using
> gtkradiant making the same fixes ( and there are several. There are
> even some copies of gtkradiant in other projects svn repos ive seen
> which are being worked on. )
> Personally Id like to see a patch and bug tracker installed. At least
> then you could see what was being/ had been worked on. The normal
> style of dealing out svn write is fine by me.
> How about just chucking the code onto
> sourceforge/some-other-generic-project-host and be done with it? ;)
> They have all the features in place already.
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