[Gtkradiant] [1.5] obj/mtl support, SnapPlane bug (causing collision brushes to?disappear )

Forest Hale lordhavoc at ghdigital.com
Tue Dec 18 17:54:08 CST 2007

Timothee Besset wrote:
> Yes, we still need to add q3map2 compile to the scons build for 
> ZeroRadiant. That should be pretty trivial with the architecture already 
> in place.

On IRC Rudolf was asking why ZeroRadiant doesn't use autotools, I explained our previous conversation on the subject, but he does have a point - Radiant is pretty much the only project using scons,
which makes it by definition weird/hard to compile/etc :P

> As far as installation I've begun a few things, basically the game 
> selection dialog will get the addition of a 'configure games' button. 
> You'll have to pick some game config and give the paths then the editor 
> will copy some files and generate a .game file.
> TTimo

This configure games thing sounds outstanding, much better then the installer method used previously.

The only difficulties I had with getting ZeroRadiant to work on Nexuiz were that I had to put default_project.proj into nexuiz/data/scripts/ (otherwise ZeroRadiant got stuck in an infinite loop asking
me where a valid project file was), and that I had to make a nexuiz.game (which isn't hard but the q3.game doesn't use several of the options I needed to use, so I had to refer to the code).

On a separate note, maybe Rudolf could make his changes optional using a commandline option, which would ensure that any maps relying on the old (buggy) behaviors can still use the old mode.

However from discussions on IRC it sounds like his patch is a universal improvement.

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