[Gtkradiant] [1.5] obj/mtl support, SnapPlane bug (causing collision brushes to?disappear )

Timothee Besset ttimo at idsoftware.com
Mon Dec 17 22:52:06 CST 2007

Well some of us can still have a good look through the changes and roll
binaries out. Just keep sending them :)


Rudolf Polzer wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 07:01:21PM +0100, namespace wrote:
>> Hi.
>> Thanks for the patches! I'll commit the obj-patch as soon as I had the chance 
>> to do a some tests with it. Can you send me a sample-map that uses an 
>> obj-model with material? I have no such maps.
> http://emptyset.endoftheinternet.org/~polzer/nexuiz/maps/unofficial/subseatrack_r3.pk3
> (.map and .obj included). Note that the map does NOT make use of
> q3map2's autoclipping, but uses a Blender exported .map, as I made that
> before making the patch against the SnapPlane problem. It may be a good
> idea to try deleting all worldspawn brushes except the skybox ones, and
> setting the model's spawnflags to 6 to test my patch.
> It's a conversion of a track from supertuxkart, the obj was written by
> opening the .ac file from STK in Blender and saving as .obj.
>> Your second patch will not go into the trunk directly, I'm afraid.
>> We had problems with untested q3map2-patches before.
>> I will put your patch into a subdirectory called "optional_patches". Users who 
>> wish to give it a try can apply it without much extrawork.
> I understand, but I just fear that the patch will then never get the
> required testing, thus be stuck in that directory forever, and my work
> would be for nothing.
> Nobody would ever try the patch, as there will be no pre-built binaries
> with it. I have no idea how to make Windows binaries either - as I have
> neither Windows nor Visual Sudio 2005, and scons seems to have no
> support for cross compiling.
> Best regards
> Rudolf Polzer
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