[Gtkradiant] [1.5] obj/mtl support, SnapPlane bug (causing collision brushes to?disappear )

Rudolf Polzer divVerent at alientrap.org
Mon Dec 17 15:10:36 CST 2007

On Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 07:01:21PM +0100, namespace wrote:
> Hi.
> Thanks for the patches! I'll commit the obj-patch as soon as I had the chance 
> to do a some tests with it. Can you send me a sample-map that uses an 
> obj-model with material? I have no such maps.

(.map and .obj included). Note that the map does NOT make use of
q3map2's autoclipping, but uses a Blender exported .map, as I made that
before making the patch against the SnapPlane problem. It may be a good
idea to try deleting all worldspawn brushes except the skybox ones, and
setting the model's spawnflags to 6 to test my patch.

It's a conversion of a track from supertuxkart, the obj was written by
opening the .ac file from STK in Blender and saving as .obj.

> Your second patch will not go into the trunk directly, I'm afraid.
> We had problems with untested q3map2-patches before.
> I will put your patch into a subdirectory called "optional_patches". Users who 
> wish to give it a try can apply it without much extrawork.

I understand, but I just fear that the patch will then never get the
required testing, thus be stuck in that directory forever, and my work
would be for nothing.

Nobody would ever try the patch, as there will be no pre-built binaries
with it. I have no idea how to make Windows binaries either - as I have
neither Windows nor Visual Sudio 2005, and scons seems to have no
support for cross compiling.

Best regards

Rudolf Polzer

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