[Gtkradiant] How to install ? missing games directory ... (game files description)

Mildred ml.mildred593 at online.fr
Sun Dec 2 19:01:49 CST 2007


I tried to install GtkRadiant on my system (by creating a RPM package,
but that's something else) but I can't install it properly.

When I run 'python install.py' as advised by the COMPILING file, I get
the following error: 

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "BUILD/gtkradiant-1.5.0/install.py", line 103, in <module>
    copyGame(gamesRoot, game, installRoot)
  File "BUILD/gtkradiant-1.5.0/install.py", line 59, in copyGame
    assertMessage(os.path.isdir(source), "failed to find directory: " + source)
  File "BUILD/gtkradiant-1.5.0/install.py", line 34, in assertMessage
    raise Exception(message)
Exception: failed to find directory: BUILD/gtkradiant-1.5.0/games

Obviously, the 'game' directory doesn't exists. So I can't install it.
So I decided to comment out the lines that copies the game files in the
installation directory. But then I get an error if I run

	runtile error: Didn't find any valid game file
	descriptions, aborting

	errno: No such file or directory
	An unrecoverable error has occured.
	Please report this error to the developers

Well, i don't think that is so critical, but I would need a game file
description to be able to install gtkradiant properly. As it doesn't
appear to be in the SVN, could someone tell me where they are ?



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