[Gtkradiant] GTKRadiant Bug Report noreply at qeradiant.com
Thu Jul 20 17:47:14 CDT 2006

This bug report was submitted from using the Bug Report Submission Form on the QERadiant Website at 05:47:14 CDT Jul 20, 2006.



CPU/RAM/Operating System: 1.66GHZ/1GB RAM/ WINXP pro
Hard Drive Space: 80GB
Video Card/OpenGL Drivers: 256 MB NVIDIA + DirectX 9
Version of GTKRadiant: Newest (1.5) 

As soon as the program starts (after I click "load wolfenstein" the actual program runs but then crashes immediatly. If you move the mouse or click anything is just messes everything up.

Cause of Error:
Just started the program, clicked "wolfenstein" because thats the game i was going to make a map for.

Please respond as soon as possible I really want to get this to work.

User Email: rsagona1 at gmail.com

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