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Generally, games that use the Quake '.map' format will have a compiler
(e.g. qbsp, q3map, dmap) which converts a '.map' file to '.bsp' format.
This translates the plane-based 'brush' representation into a
representation that is ready to load into a game - triangles for
rendering etc - and generates a hierarchical-spatial-subdivision to
allow fast collision/culling tests.

Changing the representation of map data in GtkRadiant isn't trivial - it
would involve creating a new type of primitive that isn't based on
This would be something I'd like to add though - support for editing
polygonal meshes would be very useful.


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What is the best way to have GTKRadiant output a custom map file format?

I am developing a non-commercial game, and would love to be able to use 
GTKRadiant to create the maps for it.  However, I am having trouble with

parsing the map file.  A simpler format would be great (plain vertices 
describing polygons instead of planes describing a brush).

Any help in this direction would be greatly appreciated.

David Jackson

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