[Gtkradiant] Loading shaders with non-standard names

Nathan Adams syphoon at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 07:01:23 CST 2005

Hi all,
I'm in the process of trying to get Radiant ready for a new game of
ours (new project files etc), but we're running into an issue with
material/shader loading. The game is running a different engine, and
we'd like to be able to name our materials in a different system (eg,
terrain.grassy1 instead of /textures/terrain/grassy1 ).

Radiant of course won't accept such a name because it can't find a
corresponding texture file. For namespacing reasons, we'd like to be
able to use our naming system for materials, and avoid having to go
down the /textures/whatever path (pun not intended).

So we're considering just patching Radiant in-house to load materials
(shaders) with unacceptable names if they have a valid use of the
qer_editorimage keyword.

Would this be the easiest way? Would it be an acceptable patch (we
don't particularly want to have to maintain a patch in an (what is to
us) unfamiliar codebase against new Radiant versions), or are there
good reasons that this isn't implemented?

- Nathan

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