[Gtkradiant] running radiant from svn checkouts

Jamie Wilkinson jaq at spacepants.org
Sun Oct 10 07:57:54 CDT 2004

So gtkradiant builds, and I run build/debug/radiant.ppc from the top of the
source checkout, but dies immediately with a trace trap.  Running in gdb
shows that an error dialog may have been shown, but alas the trap prevents
one from seeing that dialog.

The error message is "Didn't find any valid game file descriptions,
aborting", and after reading just about every document in the source, and
everything I could find on the qeradiant website, I'm still stuck here.

I assume that the gamepacks also in the repository have something to do with
this -- at least there's some fairly strong hints about it on the site.
Where do these gamepacks need to be installed to for radiant to find them?

If i'm missing some crucial document, please point me to it :-)

jaq at spacepants.org                           http://spacepants.org/jaq.gpg

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