[Gtkradiant] Re: building radiant through fink..

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Mon, 22 Mar 2004 10:34:45 -0000

Hi Derek,

The 1.3.x fink packages are no longer being maintained.

I'm working on the current trunk, planned for release as 1.5.0 (when =
it's done):

This version has been recently compiled on linux, and was compiled a =
couple of months ago for OSX panther.. it should still build the full =
setup package on both. Performance on OSX is generally improved, it =
should be more usable than previous versions.

I couldn't get the setup packages to run on either linux or osx though, =
which stops me from updating the fink packages. I got stuck with errors =
about an unsupported version of glibc ..


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I already stated that I didn't want to put further work into an OSX=20
port, there are OSX developers showing up every now and then, but they=20
only care about fixing the editor so it compiles on their machine, and=20
then they disappear and don't go the extra mile to make things easier=20
for the others. So far this has been wasted effort on our end.


Derek Arndt wrote:

> Time again comes my way and I step back up to the plate to see if I=20
> can do anything to help out :D.
> It saddens me to see basically no progress being made on this thing,=20
> and I figure it's probably best to see where I can go with this. I had =

> no troubles getting it to work under 10.2, since it was nice and easy=20
> to get setup and going, but now with 10.3 it's increasingly hard to=20
> get this thing up and running.
> all the dependencies are installed in fink, I as closely as I could=20
> followed the OS X FAG for radiant and it's left me trying to properly=20
> link radiant. Here's whatever is being used for linking with GCC is=20
> spitting out (bunch of extra junk I've included, because it might be=20
> useful):
> g++ -L/sw/lib -L/usr/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib -dynamiclib -ldl `pkg-config =

> glib-2.0 --libs` `xml2-config --libs` `libpng-config --ldflags`=20
> `pkg-config gtk+-2.0 --libs-only-L` `pkg-config gtk+-2.0=20
> --libs-only-l` -shared -o build/release/bobtoolz.so=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/dialogs/dialogs-gtk.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/bobToolz-GTK.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/bsploader.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/cportals.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DBobView.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DBrush.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DEntity.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DEPair.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DListener.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DMap.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DPatch.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DPlane.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DPoint.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DShape.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DTrainDrawer.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DTreePlanter.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DVisDrawer.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DWinding.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/funchandlers-GTK.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/lists.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/misc.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/ScriptParser.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/shapes.os=20
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/visfind.os=20
> build/release/libs/libsynapse.a build/release/libs/libmathlib.a=20
> build/release/libs/libcmdlib.a
> g++: unrecognized option `-shared'
> ld: warning prebinding disabled because dependent library:=20
> /sw/lib/libglib-2.0.0.dylib is not prebound
> ld: warning multiple definitions of symbol _locale_charset
> /sw/lib/libiconv.dylib(localcharset.o) definition of _locale_charset
> /sw/lib/libintl.dylib(localcharset.lo) definition of _locale_charset
> ld: Undefined symbols:
> _dlsym_auto_underscore
> /usr/bin/libtool: internal link edit command failed
> scons: *** [build/release/bobtoolz.so] Error 1
> scons: done building targets.
> ### execution of sh failed, exit code 2
> Failed: compiling radiant-1.3.13-2 failed
> Maybe if you'll take a few seconds I can again see radiant launch on=20
> my machine. I was hoping with it running here I could then try it with =

> GTK+OSX and see how that works out (obviously I think many more people =

> would be interesting in using this if they could escape the likings of =

> X11, even if it's still as ugly (compared to native Aqua) outside of =
> I appreciate your time greatly as I realize how significant you are to =

> the gaming community as a whole (my feelings of awe side),
> Derek Arndt
> /*
> http://www.dereksucks.com _game development is just my forte_
> */=20

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