[Gtkradiant] Re: building radiant through fink..

Timothee Besset gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Mon, 22 Mar 2004 09:00:22 +0100


I already stated that I didn't want to put further work into an OSX 
port, there are OSX developers showing up every now and then, but they 
only care about fixing the editor so it compiles on their machine, and 
then they disappear and don't go the extra mile to make things easier 
for the others. So far this has been wasted effort on our end.


Derek Arndt wrote:

> Time again comes my way and I step back up to the plate to see if I 
> can do anything to help out :D.
> It saddens me to see basically no progress being made on this thing, 
> and I figure it's probably best to see where I can go with this. I had 
> no troubles getting it to work under 10.2, since it was nice and easy 
> to get setup and going, but now with 10.3 it's increasingly hard to 
> get this thing up and running.
> all the dependencies are installed in fink, I as closely as I could 
> followed the OS X FAG for radiant and it's left me trying to properly 
> link radiant. Here's whatever is being used for linking with GCC is 
> spitting out (bunch of extra junk I've included, because it might be 
> useful):
> g++ -L/sw/lib -L/usr/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib -dynamiclib -ldl `pkg-config 
> glib-2.0 --libs` `xml2-config --libs` `libpng-config --ldflags` 
> `pkg-config gtk+-2.0 --libs-only-L` `pkg-config gtk+-2.0 
> --libs-only-l` -shared -o build/release/bobtoolz.so 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/dialogs/dialogs-gtk.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/bobToolz-GTK.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/bsploader.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/cportals.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DBobView.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DBrush.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DEntity.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DEPair.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DListener.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DMap.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DPatch.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DPlane.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DPoint.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DShape.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DTrainDrawer.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DTreePlanter.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DVisDrawer.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/DWinding.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/funchandlers-GTK.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/lists.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/misc.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/ScriptParser.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/shapes.os 
> build/release/contrib/bobtoolz/visfind.os 
> build/release/libs/libsynapse.a build/release/libs/libmathlib.a 
> build/release/libs/libcmdlib.a
> g++: unrecognized option `-shared'
> ld: warning prebinding disabled because dependent library: 
> /sw/lib/libglib-2.0.0.dylib is not prebound
> ld: warning multiple definitions of symbol _locale_charset
> /sw/lib/libiconv.dylib(localcharset.o) definition of _locale_charset
> /sw/lib/libintl.dylib(localcharset.lo) definition of _locale_charset
> ld: Undefined symbols:
> _dlsym_auto_underscore
> /usr/bin/libtool: internal link edit command failed
> scons: *** [build/release/bobtoolz.so] Error 1
> scons: done building targets.
> ### execution of sh failed, exit code 2
> Failed: compiling radiant-1.3.13-2 failed
> Maybe if you'll take a few seconds I can again see radiant launch on 
> my machine. I was hoping with it running here I could then try it with 
> GTK+OSX and see how that works out (obviously I think many more people 
> would be interesting in using this if they could escape the likings of 
> X11, even if it's still as ugly (compared to native Aqua) outside of it).
> I appreciate your time greatly as I realize how significant you are to 
> the gaming community as a whole (my feelings of awe side),
> Derek Arndt
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