[Gtkradiant] Slow GtkRadiant - Linux/3Dfx all versions.

Michael Schlueter gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
21 Jun 2002 18:37:56 +0200


Am Mit, 2002-06-19 um 01.46 schrieb Deletang Frederic:
> Well, I have a problem when dragging or resizing simple cubes,
> It's slow, and I can't do anything :\
> It happens with all the versions I've tried, including the
> last one (1.2.9) and I'm running Linux 2.4.9, DRI enabled,
> Mesa 4.1 cvs.
> So I was wondering, if someone has the same configuration, and
> a 3Dfx voodoo, a workaround for this bug (?), or an alternative
> to Mesa, please tell me :)

same here with a Matrox (me) and with 3Dfx voodoo (mate left to my
door). But with a NVidia grapic card (the mate right to my door :) ) it
is working fine.

I'll take a look on that this weekend. 

> btw, I only have one Warning on GtkRadient's console:
> Warning: OpenGL Error GL_INVALID_VALUE - A numeric argument is out of range.

I did a patch for this (see Bug 567) (if you switch on
MESA_DEBUG=verbose you get the warning message that is descibed there)

Bye, Michael