fixed a shader (was Re: [Gtkradiant] CVS: flush reload fixes + blocking texture names with spaces)

Timothee Besset
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 09:48:05 +0200

On Thu, 25 Apr 2002 23:45:43 -0500
"Gef Davis,,," <> wrote:

> User   : gef
> Branch : Stable-1_2
>     + 26/4/2002
>     +   Gef
>     +   - fixed patches losing their shader if outside region when calling flush/reload 
>     +     (bugzilla: #492)
>     +   - blocked textures with spaces from loading in Texture_ShowDirectory with a warning
>     +     (bugzilla: #467)
>     +   - fixed a dud shader (liquids.shader -> textures/liquids/ripplewater2_back) didn't have
>     +     the textures/liquids prefix
>     + 

That liquids fix is affecting Q3 shaders right?

Several things:

- When some media content is changed, we need to make sure (by opening a
specific bug usually) that the fix will be taken into account in next
nightly. i.e. the modified file needs to be specifically added to the
nightly script. Do we need to open a specific bug?

- Expanded .shader files are reflecting what's in the 'official' package.
In RTCW, the .shader files are parsed outside the pk3 and override the
ones inside the pk3. I am NOT sure this is the case with Q3 .. so if
someone makes a map that uses this ripplewater2_back shader, and
distributes it in the pk3, will it work (meaning on a regular
installation, no GtkRadiant media in baseq3/), or will the guy have to
create a scrips/myliquids.shader and put it in his pk3?