[Gtkradiant] Halflife setup stuff (was current trunk / synapse XML runtime configuration)

Hydra gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 00:18:59 +0100

> As far as HL support goes, the next thing is probably to put the installer
> scripts together (i.e. gather the media first, know where it goes / how it
> is configured, update the Linux and Win32 scripts accordingly). I'll wait
> to talk further with Hydra before we go ahead with that.

You can probably figure most of it out from the *_setup.html file that is in
the current halflife media zip file.

I take it you're going to be doing all the setup scripts and not me?

The only important thing was that we need a "compiletools" option in
addition to "gametools" in the .game file because the half-life compile
tools won't actually be installed in the gametools directory (like they are
for q3/wolf).

The setup script (for the halflife stuff) needs to ask "where are your
compile tools" and then store this information in the .game file it builds.

At the moment, the default_project.proj file is setup to use
"C:/Sierra/Half-Life/Tools/zhlt" as the path to the compile tools (hlcsg,
hlbsp, hlvis and hlrad).  This is obviously a win32 path.

Apparently there are unix/linux versions of the half-life tools and the
source is available.

ok, tell me anything else you need to know!