[Gtkradiant] GtkRadiant 1.1-TA-RC2

Timothee Besset gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Sun, 13 May 2001 16:22:19 +0200

Actually I'd rather have this file as source code. I need to pack it with 
the linux setup too. It's good habit to release win32 and linux versions in 
sync. I'm also waiting on djbob for his source .. I might do more porting 
on bobtoolz today though.


At 00:40 13/05/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>Ok, I will not be able to finish GenSurf 1.1, instead 1.05. To the changes 
>listed in TTimo's post, I also added a checkbox in the texture tab to add 
>the terrain key in GenSurf(for TA maps). My plan is to be able to add all 
>the keys used in the terrains in GenSurf, but due to lack of time I 
>couldn't do it, sorry. Also, Hydra and myself added snap to grip 
>functionality also(Hydra made the code, I added it to the GUI). Ok, thats 
>all, the Gensurf bin is here: 
>http://www.gtkradiant.com/Fishman/gensurf/fishman-gensurf-bin.zip I will 
>release the source once I clean it up. CYA
>At 06:56 PM 5/12/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>>There is a release candidate build of GtkRadiant 1.1-TA available. We 
>>will release it shortly if nothing unexpected comes up.
>>You can grab it from:
>>I will upload the equivalent linux binary at the same place later tonight.
>>This release was long overdue and I'm pleased to see it come out the 
>>door. The changelog does not reflect anything major, but a LOT of bug 
>>fixes and improvements. Mostly by SmallPileOfGibs who learnt C/C++ 
>>recently and contributed a lot of patches. Kudos to Spog!
>>This new release also marks a lot of changes in the project organisation. 
>>Loki is no longer involved in the developpement, and the project 
>>ressources are hosted at a new location ( http://zerowing.idsoftware.com 
>>). Those changes are among the reasons which made this release come in so 
>>late. Hopefully this means that the developement cycle is back on track 
>>and that there will be more regular releases from now on.
>>GtkRadiant 1.1-TA Changes
>>- Fixed ctrl+G SnapToGrid, now never creates degenerate face-planes
>>- Fixed setting an origin for multiple brushes to use origin point of 
>>fixedsize entities
>>- Fixed mirroring and rotation of fixedsize entities including misc_model
>>- Fixed undo/redo on multiple entities to link brushes to entities correctly
>>- Fixed "view > entities as.." menu to display correct default setting
>>- Fixed "view > entities as.." toolbar button to show menu
>>- Changed selection-area of edge/vertex control handles to stay constant 
>>when zoomed
>>- Fixed undo on ctrl+G SnapToGrid
>>- Fixed origin drift on saving misc_model with null md3Class
>>- Fixed creation of cap for 'Bevel' type patches
>>- Fixed inverted cap being created for 'Endcap' type patches
>>- Fixed inverting patches on mirror operations
>>- Added snap-selected-to-grid affects only the patch points selected
>>- Fixed texture quality slider adjustment
>>- Changed Patch Inspector Horizontal/Vertical increment to use pixel 
>>values (default 8)
>>- Changed Patch Inspector Horizontal increment to subtract from S values 
>>but not T values
>>- Changed Patch Inspector Stretch spinner to do something useful
>>- Changed Patch Inspector Stretch default amount to 0.5
>>- Changed Arbitrary Rotation dialog to reset rotation spinner values to 0 
>>on Apply
>>- non-monitored BSP compiling: sending q3map output to temp/junk.txt !! 
>>stops output in console window !!
>>- Fixed Patch_Naturalize to calculate T values backwards, correcting 
>>texture vertical flip
>>- Changed patch row/column Insert/Remove to interpolate/extrapolate from 
>>existing curves
>>- Fixed point selection on patches when new points are added
>>- Fixed redundant edge/vertex handles being created for patch brushes and 
>>fixedsize brushes
>>- Fixed refusal to activate brush vertex-drag mode if any patches are 
>>- Partly fixed Undo picking up patch point drags when no points are selected
>>- Fixed behaviour of vertex selection on patches
>>- Fixed patch point colours in textured mode in cam window
>>- Changed patch point selection to update selection pool on each 
>>selection click
>>- changed: Curve > matrix > redisperse > rows/columns
>>     treat a patch as independent 3x3 sections when doing redispersal
>>- rewrote patch cap texturing functions to be more reliable
>>- fixed clipper-caulker bug
>>- fix 2pt-clip orientation problems
>>- overall changes and improvements to the brush filtering and view/hide code
>>- fixed some grid drawing code, camera widget drawing (2D views), and 
>>min/max world coordinates bugs
>>- new splash screen
>>- *.pfb filter in prefab load dialog
>>- gtk-gensurf 1.0
>>   Now the user is allowed to make terrains bigger than +/-8192
>>   New Green/Black theme for the preview window.
>>   Line antialiasing for the preview window.
>>- bspc 2.1f
>>- clean shaders for Quake III and Quake III: Team Arena
>>- brush primitives only: texture adjustments commands (shift+arrows) are 
>>interpreted relative to the camera view
>>- improved the conversion prompt when there's a reguar/BP texturing conflict
>>- trying to print out more information if parse error occurs while 
>>loading a map
>>- texture locking in BP mode for axis flip and axis rotation
>>- better undo in BP mode
>>- fenris #2866, added a pref to turn on/off name conflicts resolution, 
>>rewrote the whole algorithm
>>- fenris #2823, fixed patch and brush dragging in 0.25 0.5 grids
>>- fenris #2867, limiting the amount of "spawnflags" "0" appearing in entities
>>- Added back texture increments follow grid
>>- Raised the brush max size to world size
>>- Fixed vertex edit prefs broken (Vertex editing splits faces / doesn't)
>>- New Gtk file selector on win32 (the same as earlier added to linux version)
>>- Fixed shader blending on terrain maps bug
>>- Added undo for patch redisperse rows and patch redisperse cols commands
>>- Fixed the minus key on numeric keypad being ignored
>>- Fixed sleep mode not restoring windows correctly
>>- Fixed some minimize/restore issues on floating views mode
>>- Added an option to keep the Z and XY views on the same window in 
>>floating views mode
>>- Fixed elapsed time displayed by q3map
>>- Fixed q3map is crash if a .shader file is referenced in shaderlist and 
>>not found
>>- Minimize all windows when the main window is minimized in floating 
>>views mode
>>- Added new filter system based on FAKK2 Radiant
>>- Fixed View/Show/Entities menu not being checked correctly
>>- Fixed "Invert Selection" command selecting hidden brushes
>>- Fixed q3map crash when trying to load missing pcx files
>>- Fixed q3map not finding .bmp files for the terrain alpha map
>>- Fixed Surface Inspector spin buttons rate (#2776)
>>- Fixed some shortcuts not appearing on menu items (#2786)
>>- Using RC file to tweak the font size on win32 (gtkradiantrc), looks 
>>much nicer now!
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