[Gtkradiant] GtkRadiant 1.1-TA-RC2

Pablo Zurita gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Sun, 13 May 2001 00:40:36 -0400

Ok, I will not be able to finish GenSurf 1.1, instead 1.05. To the changes 
listed in TTimo's post, I also added a checkbox in the texture tab to add 
the terrain key in GenSurf(for TA maps). My plan is to be able to add all 
the keys used in the terrains in GenSurf, but due to lack of time I 
couldn't do it, sorry. Also, Hydra and myself added snap to grip 
functionality also(Hydra made the code, I added it to the GUI). Ok, thats 
all, the Gensurf bin is here: 
http://www.gtkradiant.com/Fishman/gensurf/fishman-gensurf-bin.zip I will 
release the source once I clean it up. CYA


At 06:56 PM 5/12/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>There is a release candidate build of GtkRadiant 1.1-TA available. We will 
>release it shortly if nothing unexpected comes up.
>You can grab it from:
>I will upload the equivalent linux binary at the same place later tonight.
>This release was long overdue and I'm pleased to see it come out the door. 
>The changelog does not reflect anything major, but a LOT of bug fixes and 
>improvements. Mostly by SmallPileOfGibs who learnt C/C++ recently and 
>contributed a lot of patches. Kudos to Spog!
>This new release also marks a lot of changes in the project organisation. 
>Loki is no longer involved in the developpement, and the project 
>ressources are hosted at a new location ( http://zerowing.idsoftware.com 
>). Those changes are among the reasons which made this release come in so 
>late. Hopefully this means that the developement cycle is back on track 
>and that there will be more regular releases from now on.
>GtkRadiant 1.1-TA Changes
>- Fixed ctrl+G SnapToGrid, now never creates degenerate face-planes
>- Fixed setting an origin for multiple brushes to use origin point of 
>fixedsize entities
>- Fixed mirroring and rotation of fixedsize entities including misc_model
>- Fixed undo/redo on multiple entities to link brushes to entities correctly
>- Fixed "view > entities as.." menu to display correct default setting
>- Fixed "view > entities as.." toolbar button to show menu
>- Changed selection-area of edge/vertex control handles to stay constant 
>when zoomed
>- Fixed undo on ctrl+G SnapToGrid
>- Fixed origin drift on saving misc_model with null md3Class
>- Fixed creation of cap for 'Bevel' type patches
>- Fixed inverted cap being created for 'Endcap' type patches
>- Fixed inverting patches on mirror operations
>- Added snap-selected-to-grid affects only the patch points selected
>- Fixed texture quality slider adjustment
>- Changed Patch Inspector Horizontal/Vertical increment to use pixel 
>values (default 8)
>- Changed Patch Inspector Horizontal increment to subtract from S values 
>but not T values
>- Changed Patch Inspector Stretch spinner to do something useful
>- Changed Patch Inspector Stretch default amount to 0.5
>- Changed Arbitrary Rotation dialog to reset rotation spinner values to 0 
>on Apply
>- non-monitored BSP compiling: sending q3map output to temp/junk.txt !! 
>stops output in console window !!
>- Fixed Patch_Naturalize to calculate T values backwards, correcting 
>texture vertical flip
>- Changed patch row/column Insert/Remove to interpolate/extrapolate from 
>existing curves
>- Fixed point selection on patches when new points are added
>- Fixed redundant edge/vertex handles being created for patch brushes and 
>fixedsize brushes
>- Fixed refusal to activate brush vertex-drag mode if any patches are selected
>- Partly fixed Undo picking up patch point drags when no points are selected
>- Fixed behaviour of vertex selection on patches
>- Fixed patch point colours in textured mode in cam window
>- Changed patch point selection to update selection pool on each selection 
>- changed: Curve > matrix > redisperse > rows/columns
>     treat a patch as independent 3x3 sections when doing redispersal
>- rewrote patch cap texturing functions to be more reliable
>- fixed clipper-caulker bug
>- fix 2pt-clip orientation problems
>- overall changes and improvements to the brush filtering and view/hide code
>- fixed some grid drawing code, camera widget drawing (2D views), and 
>min/max world coordinates bugs
>- new splash screen
>- *.pfb filter in prefab load dialog
>- gtk-gensurf 1.0
>   Now the user is allowed to make terrains bigger than +/-8192
>   New Green/Black theme for the preview window.
>   Line antialiasing for the preview window.
>- bspc 2.1f
>- clean shaders for Quake III and Quake III: Team Arena
>- brush primitives only: texture adjustments commands (shift+arrows) are 
>interpreted relative to the camera view
>- improved the conversion prompt when there's a reguar/BP texturing conflict
>- trying to print out more information if parse error occurs while loading 
>a map
>- texture locking in BP mode for axis flip and axis rotation
>- better undo in BP mode
>- fenris #2866, added a pref to turn on/off name conflicts resolution, 
>rewrote the whole algorithm
>- fenris #2823, fixed patch and brush dragging in 0.25 0.5 grids
>- fenris #2867, limiting the amount of "spawnflags" "0" appearing in entities
>- Added back texture increments follow grid
>- Raised the brush max size to world size
>- Fixed vertex edit prefs broken (Vertex editing splits faces / doesn't)
>- New Gtk file selector on win32 (the same as earlier added to linux version)
>- Fixed shader blending on terrain maps bug
>- Added undo for patch redisperse rows and patch redisperse cols commands
>- Fixed the minus key on numeric keypad being ignored
>- Fixed sleep mode not restoring windows correctly
>- Fixed some minimize/restore issues on floating views mode
>- Added an option to keep the Z and XY views on the same window in 
>floating views mode
>- Fixed elapsed time displayed by q3map
>- Fixed q3map is crash if a .shader file is referenced in shaderlist and 
>not found
>- Minimize all windows when the main window is minimized in floating views 
>- Added new filter system based on FAKK2 Radiant
>- Fixed View/Show/Entities menu not being checked correctly
>- Fixed "Invert Selection" command selecting hidden brushes
>- Fixed q3map crash when trying to load missing pcx files
>- Fixed q3map not finding .bmp files for the terrain alpha map
>- Fixed Surface Inspector spin buttons rate (#2776)
>- Fixed some shortcuts not appearing on menu items (#2786)
>- Using RC file to tweak the font size on win32 (gtkradiantrc), looks much 
>nicer now!
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