[gold-devel] |POLL| Which graphics card should I work on next?

Justin Hibbits jrh29 at alumni.cwru.edu
Sun Nov 13 19:37:19 EST 2005

On Sunday 13 November 2005 20:37, jbit wrote:
> Okay,
> The MGA-G400 driver is pretty much working now, and can display golem
> stuff, but to avoid having all my APIs and stuff revolving round how the
> G400 works, I'd like to support another video card.
> Top of my list at the moment is the ATI Rage128, since it seems used a lot
> (and I have one or two).
> But what card does everybody else think i should support? Obviously I can't
> support the latest geforce/radeon, but some of the older ones are
> possible... I'd like a card that available easily, and alot of people have,
> but it also needs to have a pretty complete drawing engine on it, which has
> open source drivers or preferably an available spec.
> When I have a software render engine I'll add support for the older Cirrus
> Logic chips, and 'kernel based graphics'.
> I'm also eager to start work on more exotic hardware, I should have a wacom
> graphics tablet soon, and I'm looking at a pair of 3d shutter glasses to
> play around with real depth cued GUI stuff, any other cool ideas are
> welcome (I'm also looking for a cheap touch screen)
> --Jbit

You have my vote for rage128, since I have one, so can test it on a spare 
machine, and gives me a reason to pull it out of the closet.

- Justin
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