|POLL| Which graphics card should I work on next?

jbit jbit at jbit.net
Sun Nov 13 20:37:20 EST 2005

The MGA-G400 driver is pretty much working now, and can display golem stuff, 
but to avoid having all my APIs and stuff revolving round how the G400 works, 
I'd like to support another video card.

Top of my list at the moment is the ATI Rage128, since it seems used a lot 
(and I have one or two).
But what card does everybody else think i should support? Obviously I can't 
support the latest geforce/radeon, but some of the older ones are possible...
I'd like a card that available easily, and alot of people have, but it also 
needs to have a pretty complete drawing engine on it, which has open source 
drivers or preferably an available spec.

When I have a software render engine I'll add support for the older Cirrus 
Logic chips, and 'kernel based graphics'.

I'm also eager to start work on more exotic hardware, I should have a wacom 
graphics tablet soon, and I'm looking at a pair of 3d shutter glasses to play 
around with real depth cued GUI stuff, any other cool ideas are welcome (I'm 
also looking for a cheap touch screen)


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