New bug fixes and code changes...

Taylor Richards taylor at
Wed Apr 26 16:29:52 EDT 2006

I've added some more bug fixes to CVS.  Many more are on the way before
too long.  Some of the bug fixes are FS1 only but some do fix several
mission issues in regular FS2.  A few big-endian fixes are in there as
well, mainly addressing some multi-player issues.

More changes are coming, for the OpenGL code for instance, and some big
changes for FS1.  I've almost completely reverse engineered the original
FS1 pilot files and will move to supporting those when I have it all at
100% (there are two pilot file versions, one is done, on the other I
still have some work to do).

Just a heads-up in case anyone is still paying attention. :)


Taylor Richards <taylor at>

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