[freespace2] CVS build problem (OpenAL + amd64) and questions

Jonathan Ballet multani at free.fr
Sun Sep 4 11:42:46 EDT 2005

Taylor Richards a écrit :

>On Sat, 2005-09-03 at 23:42 +0200, Jonathan Ballet wrote:
>>My configuration : Debian amd64 sid up to date, with OpenAL dev libs 
>>Could it be a 64bits port problem ?
>64-bit should work fine, that's what I use.  The errors you got are
>typical of an older version of OpenAL.  Most versions included with
>distros are still 0.0.6 or older.  You need to be using at least 0.0.7
>so try to find a newer version if you can.  You need to be careful about
>trying to use OpenAL CVS since it's a different API now so you need to
>use a different branch.  The checkout instructions on the OpenAL website
>will tell you all about that though.
Ok, I build the CVS version from openal.org (Linux_Spec1-0 tag), and 
it's ok now :)
Anyway, that's strange, because the version of openal in Debian is 
tagged 0.20050806, so it must be a recent version (maybe, a _too_ recent 
version, as you notice above ... ?)

>>And, to finish, somes questions :) :
>>- what are the relations between Icculus port and fs2_open ?
>The Linux port of fs2_open was based on the icculus.org port, however it
>has deviated a bit since then.  Other than that about the only common
>thing is, me. ;)  Some memory usage, speed, and basic function fixes get
>brought over from fs2_open since that's where I make and test the
>changes first.
>>- do you plan to update the README file, or maybe the Icculus web page : 
>>it is quite old, and it didn't give much informations of the project's 
>I can't remember what was up with the website but I may just send an
>e-mail to Zakk and see about taking over the updates.  The README will
>be updated before too much longer.  I'm working on a bunch of FreeSpace
>1 updates (as well as a ton of work on fs2_open) and some updates to the
>joystick code as well as optimizations to the OpenGL code that are in
>fs2_open.  When I get the time to finish up all of that I'll update CVS
>with all of the code and freshen the README files.
Ok, that's what I wanted to hear ;) So, fs2_open is like a testing 
ground for Icculus version, am I correct ?

Let's see what this fs2_open thing looks like :p

Thanks for answers !

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