FS1: Again some problems with FreeSpace1

fatty fatty at gsklan.de
Thu Oct 6 20:05:37 EDT 2005

Hello mailinglist!

After some hours of testing FreeSpace 1 I found some more malfunctions.

1. I don't have background music when using the OpenAL 1.0 libs. Strange 
enough the music play's with OpenAL 1.1 but then the game crashes once I 
attack an enemy...
I think it's better to not bother you with OpenAL 1.1 problems, but 
maybe that's a hint?

2. I recognised two mission-errors:
a) The first advanced training (introduction to a new rocket type and 
shield usage) hangs when you have to shoot _ONE_ rocket on a training 
target. I fired several rounds on it, but the "teacher" didn't go on.
b) In one mission you have to disable the ship "Ramses" of "The Hammer 
of Light", but a shivan starship (I think it was called "Taranis") warps 
in and "destroys" the traitors' ship. I quoted that, because the ship 
only get's damaged until around 50%. Nevertheless I was able to finish 
the mission.
Unfortunately I don't know the exact mission descriptions any more and 
atm I'm located several kilometers away from the computer I was testing 

3. I'm not sure, if FreeSpace 1 has voice output during briefing and 
debriefing. But I recognised a short sound stutter at the beginning of 
every de-/briefing, so I think there should be something.

Thanks for your time,


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