FS1 related changes committed to CVS...

Taylor Richards mtrs at bellsouth.net
Sat Oct 1 18:21:23 EDT 2005

I've had these for a while but never got the chance to finish it all up.

In general:
  - small speedup to font rendering
  - don't waste time/memory if a texture doesn't need to be resized
  - fix math bug that caused Assert()'s and some physics issues
  - various OS X related fixes for paths, and compiler warning fixes
  - fix detail level detection to allow for custom detail levels passing
    a specific detail level check
  - fix big-endian MVE rendering issue

For FS1 in particular:
  - the fs1.vp file is no longer needed, it can stay without causing
    harm but isn't required from now on.
  - fix skill slider in the options screen that needed a special mask
    to work
  - fix volume sliders on options screen that never went all the way up
  - force that broken/unneeded weapon detail slider to full so that it
    doesn't look as bad
  - fix (de)briefing voices
  - fix wrongly offset close button on closeup window in briefing
  - allow for briefing intro animation when using custom detail

Previous fixes that you probably missed:
  - fix mouse click bug in weapon/ship select screens on fast computers
  - allow cap ships to shoot at asteroids again for FS1
  - remove cap ship damage scaling in FS1 so that fighters can destroy
    big ships without needing bombs to do it
  - fix end-of-mission crash from talking head animations in OS X

Before the weekend is over I'll get the remaining big-endian networking
fixes in CVS and have a couple of FS1 multi screens fixed as well.
Please report any new/old problems, especially with non-English versions
of FS1, and I'll get them fixed.



Taylor Richards <taylor at icculus.org>

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