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Sat Jun 18 17:33:31 EDT 2005


  First of all, hi to all on the list as this is my first port.
 I ported fs2 to MorphOS (it's a PPC OS compatible with AmigaOS).
 It's using mine implementation (subset) of OpenGL. The game runs
 fine, but i have some problems with sound. During briefing the
 speech sound sometimes stops, sometimes skips parts of sentences.
 Sometimes when rewinding it doesn't restart (seems to be something
 with OpenAL, as alSourceUnqueueBuffers() fails on assert). This
 skipping also occurs during missions. I would like to know if it's
 a known issue or i should look for a bug in openal/sdl/whatever
 here. Also some clues where to look or what to check would be

  Secondly, i have some small fixes. in movie/decoder16.cpp
 in dispatchDecoder16() case 0xb should be:

  for (j = 0; j < 8 ; j++ )
    ( *pFrame ) [ j ] = GETPIXEL( pData, j * 2 );   

  instead of:
  memcpy( *pFrame, *pData, 16 );

  This fixes some broken blocks on bigendian systems. Another
 one is in movie/mveplayer.cpp. Error is not resetted before
 alGenSources(1, &mas->source_id); in **mve_audio_createbuf()*,*
* *so if some error occured before it will prohibit movie
 playig. Maybe not a bug and maybe it only happens here, but
 it won't hurt to add alGetError() before it.


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//  Graphics Programming

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