[freespace2] new to list, big thank you

Bob McElrath bob at mcelrath.org
Sat Jun 4 13:28:36 EDT 2005

Mihai Rusu [dizzy at roedu.net] wrote:
> >I've had  NO crashes, and the only glitch is that the audio in the post
> >missions debriefings will often restart.  I'll hear something like:
> >
> >"Well done pilot, you succe[chop] Well done pilot, you succeeded in 
> >destroying
> >the...."
> >
> >Movies work great, everything else seems perfect.  I really think that
> >Freespace1/2 are the second greatest games I've ever played.  (The best is
> >still Tie Fighter, but that will never be linux native)
> What whould be great too is that the SCP (the source code project) whould 
> work on Linux too because they have very nice graphics engine additions 
> and with the new data files it looks more like FreeSpace3 than FreeSpace2 
> (and try out the community campaigns, some are very good and big).

It does work.  

I compiled fs2_open from cvs a cuple days ago:

    :pserver:anonymous at warpcore.org/home/fs2source/cvsroot

It has improved a lot.  A few months ago it crashed all the time and was
basically unplayable.  Now it's completely playable and no crashes.  You
should turn all the graphics details all the way up or there will be
graphics errors.  The only other bug I've found so far is that sometimes
the background nebulas will use the wrong bitmap (usually one from the
user interface).

-- Bob
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