[devastation] hiya d00ds

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Tue Apr 8 14:19:05 EDT 2003

> I only noticed that eyeball scene, the light or whatever overtop of it
> didn't look like it did in Windows, but I assume that's got to do with
> my configuration, or a D3D vs GL thing.

It's an OpenGLDrv thing...no fix planned.

When Eve is in Flynn's hideout, and he's looking at the screens, there
should be footage of his men being shot by guards before the screens go
to static...instead, they're just grey. I don't think this is crucial
elsewhere in the game (security cameras render fine, etc).

> >   - Game crashes after the intro movie during level cleanup. Start the
> > game from the command line with ./devastation-bin SP0M1-TheLab to skip to
> > the first level. Travel to other levels appears to work fine.
> I think I skipped part of the intro movie. I'll try it again and watch
> the entire thing this time.
> >   - Multiplayer worked at one time, haven't tried it recently.
> How many people are on this list to try it?

Just you, I think, but it's compatible with win32 players, so use the
in-game browser.

> >   - RoQ movies aren't rendering correctly (OpenGLDrv bug?)
> I haven't played the game for more than 15 minutes or so in Windows, so
> I'm not sure what that is yet.

Background stuff, non-critical; There's an advertisement for G4 (the cable
channel) on one of the walls in CTF-Chozo, for example. It's supposed to
be animated, and isn't.

> >   - Probably other things.
> Possibly. I noticed some weird stuff going on with the sound, but maybe
> that's an ALSA problem? Up until last week or so, I was using OSS and
> never had any glitches in my sounds... I could try with OSS drivers.

Devastation exposes some AL bugs that UT2003 doesn't. We're on a newer
CVS snapshot than ut2003, too, since the older one doesn't work well at
all (Eve is speaking at a whisper in SP0M0-TheLab, etc).

No plans to fix unless something really important is wrong.

> I'll play it as much as I can, and see what else I can come up with.



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