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Randy Wheeler randywheeler at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 19:39:43 EDT 2012

What you are really asking is can I use a pirated cracked version of  Cod4
to run a server?

Right? good luck

On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 6:08 PM, Javitec <javitec at clan-argenchile.com.ar>wrote:

> I do this in CODuo servers and it's worked fine. I believe the same
> strategy will be usefull for your COD4 server.
> Add at your local server file "/etc/hosts" the address your COD4 game use
> to validate the users pointing it to your loopback address
> In CODuo server I added this (check the right address for COD4 )
>               coduoauthorize.activision.com
> Then every players could get access at your game without valid CDKEY.
> The only problem with this method is that activision will get out your
> server of the game list so the players only be able to find you by xfire or
> knowing your ip address.
> El 24/06/2012 01:47 p.m., Emanuele Benatti escribió:
>> Hi everybody. I've installed an debian server with cod4. I would ask
>> you if exists any version of the cod4_lnxded that permits users that
>> use a not original copy of the game to play online on my server.
>> Thanks for answers.
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